The concept of digital transformation is based on two principles: data driven—exploiting every bit of data source—and user focused. The objective is not only to consolidate data from multiple systems, but to apply an analytics approach to extract insights that are the product of the aggregation of multiple sources then present it to the user (field manager, production and surveillance engineer, region manager, and country) with criteria's of simplicity, specificity, novelty—and most importantly, clarity.

The idea is to liberate the data across the whole upstream community and intended for production operations people by providing a one-stop production digital platform that taps into unstructured data and is transformed into structured to be used as input to engineering models and as a result provide data analytics and generate insights.

There is three main key objectives:

  • To have only one source of truth using cloud-based technology

  • To incorporate artificial intelligence models to fill the data gaps of production and operations parameters such as pressure and temperature

  • To incorporate multiple solutions for the upstream community that helps during the slow, medium, and fast loops of upstream operations.

The new "way of working" helps multiple disciplines such as subsurface team, facilities, and operations, HSSE and business planning, combining business process management and technical workflows to generates insights and create value that impact the profit and losses (P&L) sheet of the operators.

The "new ways of working" tackle values pillars such as production optimization, reduced unplanned deferment, cost avoidance, and improved process cycle efficiency. The use of big data and artificial intelligence algorithms are key to understand the production of the wells and fields, as well as anchoring on processing the data with automated engineering models, thus enabling better decision making including the span of time scale such as fast, medium, or slow loop actions.

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