Digital oil field is a terminology that frequently appeared in the last few years. In the era of industry 4.0 and the proliferation of digital technology, oil and gas companies need to adapt in order to gain advantage in business process development, and this term is the answer. In digital oil field, data is significantly valuable. Therefore, robust database and real time data monitoring need to be developed.

Pertamina EP has established a robust, easy-to-access, and web-based database application called Operational Data Repository (ODR). This application handles end-to-end business process from exploration all the way to commercial. Several modules were integrated for this application and the main modules consist of exploration, exploitation, production, finance, safety and commercial. For every module in ODR, the first task to carry is to create and input master data. After database is created, calculation according to module's purpose is performed. Once the system is there, automatic data acquisition and monitoring will enter the picture.

Exploration module in ODR handles database of Pertamina EP exploration activities. This module include lithology, biostratigraphy, and geochemical data of exploration project in Pertamina EP. This module ensures that initial data of a structure is preserved and available. Exploitation module deals with oil and gas reserves and resources reporting process, well proposal for annual work plan, and surface project monitoring. This module rules development phase from subsurface to surface. Production module shows daily operational activities, production data, and quadrant mapping of wells productivity. Data from this module is taken for evaluating production and operation performance. Finance module handles company's financial report, including revenue, expense, and tax. Safety module handles work permit, hazard identification, risk assessment and control for every project and work plan. Safety is a very important aspect in a company and this module ensures that documents needed to perform work safely is well-documented and easy to submit and access. Last but not least is commercial module. This module consists of gas sales agreement documents (GSA), metering system location, and customer complaints monitoring. ODR has already been well-established, therefore Pertamina EP started its pilot project for automatic data acquisition for eight wells and currently on monitoring phase.

This paper describes Pertamina EP first step to digital oil field, which is developing virtual warehouse to store company's data. The step is strengthened with attempting for automatic data acquisition that will be integrated to the ODR for the next phase.

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