With the far-reaching reservoir target coupled with other surface constraint including fix well slot coordinate and pre-determined conductor size, the longest well with 2.5 ERD Index in Offshore East Java was pioneered. The team has big task in hand to ensure all aspect of ERD well engineering and construction are being addressed properly within the fast-paced time frame given. One of the approaches strategized by the team is to split the high angle big hole size long interval of middle section into two casing string which was not the common architecture applied in the other offset wells. The objective was to ensure that the middle section of the well will not be compromised and avoid complication in the deeper section of the well. Worth to mention that the middle section consists combination of challenging lithology that deserve the right solution to avoid unwanted problem. There are highly kartsitified carbonate formation, shale and sand interbedded formation, and thick time dependent shale formation.

To mitigate the challenges previously mentioned, intermediate section which is normally drilled and isolated with 17-1/2" hole × 13-3/8" casing in previous wells, now separated into two sections which require enlargement: 17-1/2" to 20" and 14-3/4" to 17-1/2". This paper focuses on 14-3/4" × 17-1/2" which is the most challenging underreaming operation in this well and the first of its kind in this field application.

Adding to the fact that the inclination reach 75 degree in this section, SOBM and RSS BHA are deployed to mitigate the torque and drag issue. State of the art modelling tool is also used by team to define effectively match BHA and drilling parameter with minimal lateral vibration and stick slip for this section Apart from drilling stage, the enlarged hole size requires a condition to have uncommon casing size and specification, 16" intermediate semi flush liner connection and 13-3/8" full flush intermediate casing connection to ensure sufficient annular area and less restriction during running to bottom.

The relentless effort to secure one the most critical ERD well construction phase has really paid off by allowing the next phase of operation to be executed as per plan thus assuring the overall well objective is met.

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