SCADA optimization platform is implemented to monitor and evaluate well performance. For Sucker Rod Pump, SCADA Optimization Software can be used to monitor the unit balance and gearbox torque. In some ways, not all required well configuration data for SCADA Optimization Software to do a calculation of counterbalance torque (CBT) for pumping unit balance and gearbox torque evaluation are available. Standard field Counterbalance Effect (CBE) measurement might be performed to calculate the CBT value. However, this standard procedure is limited to well that run on balance condition. For well with unbalance condition, the measured CBE needs to be adjusted by a correction factor which the equation will be presented in this paper. The corrected CBE value from the new equation is then inputted to the SCADA Optimization software to perform day-to-day real-time monitoring of pumping unit balance and gearbox torque.

Derivation of the CBE correction factor equation is presented. Validation upon this new equation is performed by comparing the result with electrical measurement on the pumping unit motor. Using the calculated CBT from the new equation, SCADA Optimization Software performs gearbox torque and pumping unit balance analysis based on every collected dynamometer card.

Calculated CBT from the new equation provided results in gearbox torque distribution pattern that match with measured electrical parameter distribution along the stroke. This CBT value assists SCADA optimization software to calculate pumping unit balance and gearbox torque. Alarm in the SCADA optimization software that coming from an anomaly on pumping unit balance and gearbox torque help operator to do preventive maintenance so that pumping unit component especially the gearbox could have longer run life.

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