The availability of 3D seismic data undoubtedly plays an important role in reservoir characterization. Currently seismic technology continues to advance at a rapid pace not only in the acquisition but also in processing and interpretation domain. The advance on this is well supported by the digitalization era which urges everything to run reliably fast, effective and efficient. Thanks to continuous development of IT peripherals we now have luxury to process and handle big data through the application of machine learning. Some debates on the effectiveness and threats that this process may automating certain task and later will decrease human workforce are still going on in many forums but still like it or not this machine learning is already embraced in almost every aspect of our life including in oil & gas industry.

Carbonate reservoir on the other hand has been long known for its uniqueness compared to siliciclastic reservoir. The term heterogeneous properties are quite common for carbonate due to its complex multi-story depositional and diagenetic facies. In this paper, we bring up our case where we try to unravel carbonate heterogeneity from a massive tight gas reservoir through our machine learning application using the workflow of supervised and unsupervised neural network. In this study, we incorporate 3D PSTM seismic data and its stratigraphic interpretation coupled with the core study result, BHI (borehole image) log interpretation, and our regional understanding of the area to develop a meaningful carbonate facies model through seismic neural network exercises. As the result, we successfully derive geological consistent carbonate facies classification and distribution honoring all the supporting data above though the limitation of well penetration in the area. This result then proved to be beneficial to build integrated 3D geomodel which later can explain the issue on different gas compositions happens in the area. The result on unsupervised neural network also able to serves as a quick look for further sweetspot analysis to support full-field development.

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