Finding new oil and gas that can be developed economically is getting more difficult and challenging today. To meet the oil and gas demand, it is therefore important to focus on the existing and already developed assets by applying new and more efficient technology and optimizing the use of existing equipment to increase production performance of the asset thus better recovery.

Sangasanga Field as mature oil field of Pertamina EP is producing its oil by the assistance of artificial lift. The artificial lifts applied in Sangasanga field are Sucker Rod Pump (SRP), Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) and Hydraulic Pumping Unit (HPU) where SRP dominates with 84 units installed while ESP and HPU are 25 units and 15 units respectively.

According to the data of well service work history from 2018 to 2020, the failure of SRP and HPU was quite high. The main problem observed were the occurrence of leaking tubing and broken sucker rods. The study gathered the occurrence of failure and a method so called "WEAR PREDICT 99" was created to estimate SRP's buckling point and lifetime.

WEAR PREDICT 99 is a correlation derived from comparing neutral point calculated from formula with actual leak data of broken pipe or suction rod. The correlation then used for predicting the buckling point that represents the probable location of the leaking pipe or damaged suction rod.

This correlation allows to predict when and where the sucker rod will leak or break, therefore preventive measures to increase the lifetime of the SRP and HPU wells can be taken.

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