Bechraji is one of the major fields of heavy oil belt of Mehsana Asset in Western India. It contains heavy oil with average viscosity of ~270cp at reservoir temperature. During the early phase of production, high viscosity led to viscous fingering which resulted in sharp rise in field water cut to ~80%.

Polymer flood in heavy oil has received significant attention after the numerous success across the globe namely, Marmul Oman, Bohai Bay offshore China and Pelican lake Canada fields. Screening studies were conducted followed by comprehensive laboratory evaluations of chemical flood potential which identified it as suitable process. Thus, a normal five spot pattern pilot testing was planned to understand the role of chemical EOR methods in the ultimate development strategy for the Bechraji.

Comprehensive monitoring and quality control procedures were being followed to ensure smooth operations. Pressure surveys, tracer surveys, detailed produced fluid analyses and tests for monitoring the quality of injected fluids were all performed routinely. This paper deliberates the operational aspects of polymer flood, quality control and monitoring program followed, challenges faced and results of polymer flooding.

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