Conductor setting depth is critical to provide structural support for next drilling sections. The shoe strength must suffice for drilling ahead and avoid any washout and unstable zone. The objective is to design and run conductor smoothly in regards to engineering and operation aspect.

Multidisciplinary approach including geotechnical, drilling engineering, and structure, was implemented during planning strategy. The pre-determined conductor setting depth was defined on the maximum mud weight to be used during drilling surface hole section in accordance to the formation strength below the conductor with the purpose of not inducing losses to the formation. Lateral distance between conductor and platform jacket pile was also analyzed to secure the jacket integrity. Anti-collision analysis was performed to prevent collision due to the existence of production well in same platform. Conductor pipe size and specification with some feature was defined to withstand under anticipated load and environment. To determine the way to achieve target depth and the suitability of hammer type, drivability analysis was performed with various anticipated condition. Considering shallow refusal depth, drill and drive was required to reduce shaft friction of soil. Another environmental challenge arise during conductor operation was unable to contain fluid and cutting returns from clean-out process causing return to cover part of the production platform facility. Some of technology were planned to mitigate this challenge.

By having comprehensive conductor design, the conductor pipe in all four wells drilled has been successfully installed without any problem on platform jacket integrity and subsequent drilling section. This approach also enabled to efficiency of conductor installation where the number of clean-out and driving run could be reduced. The overflow return challenge could be fully contained by utilizing selfdesigned equipment. The overall operation days of conductor has shown improvement with 1.02 saving days on the last well which equivalent to amount of cost saving around USD 203,500.

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