Sand production associated with oil and gas producers is one of the oldest problems in the industry and is typically in unconsolidated sandstone formations. The stresses caused by the fluids flowing into the wellbore are often sufficient to produce fine sand particles.

Sand production may cause operational problems such as disposal of produced sand, sand erosion of downhole and surface equipment, and loss of primary containment (LOPC), which is the most important reason for controlling sand production.

In actual field operation, a sand management program is usually implemented to manage sand challenges which limits to monitoring and basic analysis. The proposed sand management solution in this paper performs sensitivity analysis (known as what–if scenarios) using model–based sand erosion calculation to analyze different possible operating scenarios with the objective of preventing and minimizing sand issues.

The solution also helps to minimize risks related to well, facilities and avoiding cost or production losses due to sand production. It recommends the operational settings to achieve maximum production rates while ensuring operating within safe erosion limits and without sand deposition risk.

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