Offshore terminal usually performs crude oil lifting process regularly every 7-8 days. However, three repetitive leaks in crude oil subsea pipeline 36" MOL SPM-1 to SPM-2 occurred in the offshore terminal area had stopped the natural oil lifting process. Due to complex conditions, leak repair needs a longer duration and some future crude oil lifting schedules facing cancelation possibilities.

By simulating the leak parameter, more than 60 bbl. of crude oil would release from the leaking pipeline in 48 hours crude oil lifting operation. An innovative approach is built by designing a new tool to contain oil spills from the source using a pyramid shape tank and safely transport to the temporary storage tank on the diving vessel to keep crude oil lifting process execution still possible to hold while the subsea pipeline repair by installing subsea clamp is undergo.

New tools have successfully eliminated oil spill spreading during crude oil lifting takes place schedule. Six crude lifting schedules have been safely delivered with nearly 30,000 liters of crude oil spill have been evacuated and transferred back to processing facilities. Further implementation would possibly be held in pipeline preservation program and diver less application, which can increase leak response time.

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