Maturing remaining undeveloped oil reserves into robust profitable development projects while aiming to achieve significant reduction in the unit technical costs are the key challenges facing the further development of mature oil fields in Brunei. Rising costs and flat oil prices have made conventional development uneconomic or marginal at best. The success of future development efforts relies heavily upon improving the key development drivers including well reserves, production rates and development costs. These are often challenging tasks, especially in Brunei Offshore Fields, where reservoirs are located in areas of significant stratigraphic and structural complexity. Development opportunities are also constrained by limited conductor slots from fixed platform locations.

This paper describes the current initiatives in BSP to mature the remaining undeveloped oil reserves in the shallow reservoirs of the Champion Field, Offshore Brunei, into robust profitable projects through a focussed approach of improving the key development drivers. We describe the application of state-of-the-art technology in 3D reservoir modelling to provide better infill development locations and improved production forecast estimates, together with the use of more innovative development options. The aim is to maximise well reserves and production rates, and minimise development costs. This will significantly improve the economics of subsequent development projects which would otherwise be uneconomic if the historical norm of conventional development would continue.

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