This paper presents the challenges faced by PETRONAS in ensuring a secure and sustainable gas supply to meet the market demand for the PGU project. Key to the success are good knowledge and understanding of gas demand trends, integrated long term gas fields development planning, and early identification of future gas supply challenges.

Gas demand projections and current observed trends, trends of existing gas development projects and environments surrounding future gas development are discussed. Technologies and strategies that are expected to have a positive impact on future developments are also discussed.

The information provided in the Paper supports the following observations and conclusions; (1) realistic gas demand forecast is essential to ensure that supply capacity matches the demand; (2) integrated long term gas fields development planning requires consideration of gas market, available delivery capacity, technical readiness of the field, available pipeline and processing capacity ullage to tie-in other fields, ability to provide security of gas supply to meet demand fluctuations, requirement to provide infrastructure for possible tie-in of future gas fields; (3) the challenges of future gas supply are to develop smaller gas fields, gas fields located in remote location, gas fields having high CO2 content and enhancing reliability of supply.

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