Coalbed methane is an unconventional gas resource. Although the resource is successfully developed in a few coal-bearing basins that are of the type of hydraulic seal with a middle or high permeability at shallow depth, the most methane resource in coal seam with pressure seal at shallow or deep are still not exploited by means of the existing technique. This paper describes the hydraulic fracturing technique for low permeability coalbed methane gas reservoirs, including the research & selection of oil base gel fracturing fluid system; real-time simulation of 3D fracture propagation; technology of controlling the fracture height growth & promoting the fracture length propagation; production performance prediction and optimal design of hydraulic fracturing treatment. A set of optimal design software for Windows 95 is developed for hydraulic fracturing in low permeability coalbed gas reservoirs based on the above-mentioned technique. Successfully treatment cases of applying the sophisticated technique in coalbed methane gas reservoirs of Middle China and North China are given in this paper.

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