This paper is focused on how technology can significantly accelerate and improve operations, enable petro-technical and business decisions and workflows, and improve real-time access to information and experts. This approach is fundamental to how Chevron is evolving the managment of its upstream businesses. Examples are included to demonstrate how improving work flows and enabling them with technology relies on innovation and integration of people and processes. We'll also show how information can help to create pragmatic solutions that quickly allow us to realize value. By improving performance, increasing efficiency, and streamlining decision making, critical resources can recapture the time and capacity required to help us innovate into the future. As part of the Data Visualization, we'll discuss the petrotechnical integration framework for data visualization, surveillance, analysis, and reporting. We'll show how a web-based workflow petrotechnical portal can provide data access and visualization. This portal is a map-based GIS tool that connects high-value data from our petrotechnical systems of record and exposes it to facilitate decision-making. The context for the web-based tool and its role are shown in the program-level macro workflow. We'll discuss how this technology is enabling faster and broader access to data that currently exists in silos, and how it will afford high-quality analysis.

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