According to the generalized Western Siberia statistics only 25-30 % of low resistivity reservoirs are successfully identified and evaluated using log dataset. The main purpose of the investigation is development the appropriate wireline log interpretation methodology which helps to identify the low-resistivity J11 formation of Z oil field. First of all the common causes of the low resisitivity pay occurance were investigated using published literature sources. Then the wells where the productive J11 formation was characterized by anomaly low resistivity (Rt<5 Ohm*m) was determined. Then the concentration of conductive minerals was applied using Ezhova A.S.chart. For the purpose of exact estimation of Rt the conductivity that was not registrated by induction tool was calculated for each wells. This value was used for correct formation resistivity determination. As a result of the work performed the suggested methodology was succcessfuly implemented and recommened for using for Saturation evaluation throughout the low-resistivity pay in the Z oil field

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