When running, ESP faces much imperfect condition that finally causes ESP failure. Sand, scale, low PI, low pressure, and gas are the major disturber preventing ESP from running smooth then led to short running life.

Conventional method to handle those problems has been created like sand screen for the preventing sand problem causing pump stuck, gas separator and gas handler to prevent gas lock causing degrading pump head, VSD to adjust rate to prevent pump off for wells that has low PI or low pressure issues.

For note, those kinds of equipment is designed to "PREVENT" the cause of the problem occurred. For instance, sand screen is to prevent sand entered the pump, gas separator prevent gas entering pump, gas handler will handle gas before causing problem to the pump, and also VSD, its function is to prevent pump off by adjusting rate.

This paper will explain about other way to handle problems related with loss flow by using the term of "CURE" rather than "PREVENT". Its mean, lets the problem occurring during ESP running but stop the further effect before causing ESP fail.

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