A comprehensive study of about 200 production stimulation treatments in carbonate and sandstone formations of Karabulak and Aryskum brownfields was performed. The stimulation methods analyzed in this study are propped fracturing, acid fracturing, matrix acidizing with different fluids (both in carbonates and in sandstones), ultrasound treatments, and thermobarochemical treatments. The analysis consists of literature review, modeling of actual treatments in advanced fracturing simulation and matrix treatment simulation, and modeling of alternative schedules and fluids. The quick semiquantitative laboratory method of scales analysis is suggested as part of the study. As a result of the study, the key factors in the production decrease after propped fracturing are revealed; the reasons for the inefficiency of some matrix treatments are explained; and the mechanism of acid fracturing in the given layers is explained and suggestions are provided. In addition, some rare production enhancement-related methods (ultrasound and thermobarochemical treatments) are discussed. An overall table of production stimulation methods is provided, and it can be applied for any fields with similar characteristics.

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