Standardizing well plans by utilizing Standard Practices (SPs) in the digital tools Program Builder (PrB) and Rig Site Execution (RSE) increases the competitiveness of wells operations. The process improves collaboration both within operators and with vendors, enables digitalization of data and workflows, and accelerates experiential learnings to produce more predictable outcomes. SPs are phase- or task-level operational procedures written by Franchise (Standardization) Engineers that are rig, well, and vendor agnostic which are made up of activities with operations codes, checks, and steps. SPs are categorized by Preliminary Well Designs (PWDs), and the Well Planning Report allows for definition of the sequence of SPs required for the operational plan given the PWD assigned to the well.

Once the program is initiated in PrB, the Engineer can add well, vendor, and rig specific details to the operational plan which was auto generated from SPs. The Engineer invites other collaborators, whether within the same company or a third-party, into the tool to contribute. When the draft program is ready, a review process is facilitated within PrB, and the program is assured. Next, the operational plan becomes the foundation of the work instructions, which the Supervisor owns. They enrich the program to transform it into a worksite-ready document for the wellsite staff. All edits made to the SPs are captured and become the basis of a feedback loop to continuously improve SPs. These performance improvements will naturally cascade through wells globally.

Use of Program Builder has already been demonstrated in Operations. The program was created by the Design Engineer within three weeks and was deployed to the worksite. Initial feedback from the field was strong, resulting in the decision to continue the process through work instructions. The tool was found to improve operational efficiency and drive full transparency between the office and the worksite.

Standardizing and simplifying programs reduces the administrative burden on the Engineer, allowing them to focus on higher-value aspects of the planning, and presents a single source of truth for the entire well execution process. Deriving the work instructions from the program ensures that the procedural guidance defined by Franchise through SPs is followed all the way to the worksite, leading to predictable outcomes and competitive well delivery.

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