If hydrogen is stored in depleted gas fields, the remaining hydrocarbon gas can be used as cushion gas. The composition of the back-produced gas depends on the magnitude of mixing between the hydrocarbon gas and the hydrogen injected. One important parameter that contributes to this process of mixing is molecular diffusion. Although diffusion models are incorporated in latest commercial reservoir simulators, effective diffusion coefficients for specific rock types, pressures, temperatures, and gas compositions are not available in literature. Thus, laboratory measurements were performed to improve storage performance predictions for an Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS) project in Austria.

A high-pressure-high-temperature experimental setup was developed that enables measurements of effective multicomponent gas diffusion coefficients. Gas concentrations are detected using infrared light spectroscopy, which eliminates the necessity of gas sampling. To test the accuracy of the apparatus, binary diffusion coefficients were determined using different gases and at multiple pressures and temperatures. Effective diffusion coefficients were then determined for different rock types. Experiments were performed multiple times for quality control and to test reproducibility.

The measured binary diffusion coefficients without porous media show a very good agreement with the published literature data and available correlations based on the kinetic gas theory (Chapman-Enskog, Fuller-Schettler-Giddings). Measurements of effective diffusion coefficients were performed for three different rock types that represent various facies in a UHS project in Austria.

A correlation between static rock properties and effective diffusion coefficients was established and used as input to improve the numerical model of the UHS. This input is crucial for the simulation of back-produced gas composition and properties which are essential parameters for storage economics. In addition, the results show the impact of pressure on effective diffusion coefficients which impacts UHS performance

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