This paper describes the mega application of I-Field concept in Khurais Increment, the world's largest oil increment development in history. The field was developed to be fully intelligent from day one, thus, I-field infrastructure was part of the initial development plan and investment. Leveraging experience and lessons learned from previous I- Fields, and utilizing advances in technology, this application has better surveillance, higher reliability, and more utilities for end-users to manage and translate data into actionable information.

Khurais Increment benefited from I-Field prior to field commissioning allowing the optimization of requirements and enhancing development. I-Field enabled drilling wells using real-time remote geosteering. It also enabled reservoir characterization by facilitating the performance of several reservoir interference tests including field-wide test within the reservoir and full reservoir-to-reservoir test to understand communication.

Khurais I-Field also played a key role for a smooth, expedited, and optimized increment commissioning. Engineers were able to have precise and remote control over well rates to perform capacity tests and meet start up targets. It also enabled them to pinpoint wells and equipments that require attention immediately upon problem occurrence, thus allocating the required resources in a timely manner.

Finally, post-field commissioning, Khurais I-Field enabled engineers to manage production and injection strategies, integrate, and collaborate. With a full suite of applications integrated at the engineer's desktop, he or she is able to monitor over 50 different well parameters, intelligently by exception, and make faster more informed decisions to achieve real-time reservoir management. And although the field was only put on production recently, I-Field has made a significant impact which translated into achieving uniform pressure propagation across the field which is expected to prevent pre-mature water encroachment and enhance ultimate recovery.

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