The tripping technology using jet conduit in construction of deepwater drilling is a key technology, In this paper, the relationship between the jet catheter lateral friction and the properties of the seabed soil is studied through theoretical research and analysis and field simulation test, The relation model of lateral friction in the sandy soil and clay conduit and the consolidation time has been established. Combined with construction process of deep-water jet catheter, an analysis of force situation during the process of drilling pipe jet was carried out, and a calculation model of the tripping in depth of jet catheter. To combine a deep-water exploration well in the South China Sea with the specific circumstances of, from the depth into the mud of drilling jet catheter, drilling assembly, Optimization of drilling parameters and the main points of the construction of jet catheter tripping in, Etc. Explored the technical skill under the jet method surface casing, shows the construction of drilling jet catheter site specific measures.

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