Influenced by special geologic condition and stimulation, the production performance of low permeability and tight fractured gas well is obviously different from that of conventional gas well, such as longer unstable flow time, gas production with unit change in casing pressure, dynamic reserve and drainage area varying with production time, etc. So it is difficult to calculate reserve and drainage area accurately at early development stage. For these reasons, they bring great technical and economic challenges to the development of low permeability and tight gas reservoirs.

Properly recognizing the dynamic performance of fractured tight gas well and combined with modern gas production analysis technology, a new prediction chart of estimated reserve is established. This calculation utilized extended production data from several typical gas wells in Sulige gas field. Using early stage production data, the preditoin chart can provide estimations of gas reserve and drainage area of individual wells. Other parameters such as productivity scale, well pattern and spacing can also be included. This methodology can make prediction effectively with incremental production time. It is an excellent predictive guide to launch a development plan of the gas field.

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