Gangxi Oilfield is a typical complex fault-block oil reservoir which belongs to unconsolidated sandstone reservoirs with high porosity and high permeability. Sand producing, sand jamming and sand bearing are serious problems for most producers in this field during oil production. With the increase in water cut, the sand producing problem is getting worse which seriously impacts normal production of oilfields. According to the statistics for Gangxi Oilfield in the last two years, there were 283 wells with serious sand producing problem, among which 274 had to stop production because of sand producing and sand bearing. The average sand production of single well was 6.96 m3 under inspection operation from the statistics of 73 wells. Based on the locations of producing zones, frac-pack was chosen as the main sand prevention technique for the wells through Minhua formation, circulating packing for the wells through Guantao formation, chemical sand control for horizontal wells and sidetrack drilling wells, and packing layer by layer for the multilayer-section production and long-hole section. By selecting the sand control techniques and optimizing the parameters for Gangxi Field, a scientific basis was laid down for the sand management, and it was applied succefully in the field.

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