The information technology has been the key supporting technology for the oilfield development. The routine information application technology of the oilfield development has obtained tremendous advancements such as structure interpretation, reservoir forecast, and reservoir simulation, etc. It has played a pioneering role in the engineering of EOR, detailed reservoir modeling, thermal injection of heavy oil reservoir, and chemical flooding. At present, the target of information application in the oilfield has been in the stage of data sharing in the whole field, and integral application and the modeling of the tracking application. In this paper, we propose some ideas to enhance the development performance for the mature and very mature oilfield, and indicate the necessity of technical development and the future direction for the development of information technology, especially in the field of conglomerate, shoal and bar sandstone reservoir, and the geological modeling and tertiary recovery advancement. Moreover, we also reviewed the applications on the detailed geological modeling, foaming flooding and in-situ combustion, and integrated reservoir description that is facies constrained, and the significance for the EOR of mature oilfield.

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