The geologic condition in the northeast of Sichuan is so complex that many drilling complexities like leakage, kicking, collapse and sticking often occur. There are many types of gas reservoirs such as pore, interstice, pore-interstice, interstice-pore space and so on. A multiple of pressure system and an ultrahigh pressure gas reservoir exits which contain hydrogen sulfide gas in the carbonate formation. Research on the formation pressure calculation is carried out and a pressure model is established in order to ensure the safety drilling. The priority is to study the pressure in marine formation based on the characteristic of formation pressure which has high sensibility on ratio between P-wave and T-wave's speed in carbonate rock formation. The formation pressure profile is built by the pressure model and well logging date. There is little error in the results so that they can meet the project demands. The results is very important in exploring gas in northeast of Sichuan.

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