For 5½″casing medium curvature of radius in the horizontal wells, sucker rod pump can not be down to the horizon part of the wells. It can not overcome the eccentric wear problems of rods and pipe. The no-rod lifting technology for horizontal parts of horizontal wells and flowing pressure distribution, and inflow performance relationship in low permeability oil field were studied in this paper. The theory of no-rod lifting technology is that the linear electric motor, horizontal pump and oil tube are connected together. Then they are put down to horizontal section. Electromotor stator is linked with oil tube. Mover reciprocates axially to drive horizontal pump movement to realize oil pumping. Based on ground test data, electric motor can return to natural state without force after traversing deflection point in horizontal well. Besides, horizontal pump efficiency was high under horizontal condition. Results of field test for three wells showed that there was no stick when the pump went down. Average pump efficiency was 95%. Average system efficiency was 20.3%.It was found that Horizontal Electric Submersible Piston Pump can be down to 5½″ casing medium curvature of radius in the horizontal wells in any position, not only to achieve lift efficiency, but also to achieve high pump efficiency. It avoided the problem of pump inspection caused by off-center wear of casing and sucker rod. This system can enhance oil production of horizontal well by controlling reasonable flowing pressure.

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