In a multilayered and heterogeneous sandstone oilfield, the corresponding adjusting measures could be taken to improve the displacement efficiency only when the producing performance of every single-layer is evaluated. As to Lasaxing Oilfield, while most of the reservoirs have been watered out, a novel methodology used to evaluate the reservoir performance based on the fine geology and Darcy's law is promoted in this paper. The producing and injecting wells are taken into an integrated system in the novel method. And based on the balance of injecting and producing in the well group, the injected water of a single-layer is allocated to wells affected by injecting according to the reservoir and developing factors, and the producing rate and thus the water cut in every individual reservoir could then be determined. And the water-cut predicting model is also promoted in this paper based on numerical simulation of reservoir conceptual model. The corresponding software is also programmed. And the method is verified by the calculating of 1200 layers of 150 wells in Daqing Oilfield, where the accuracy is more then 75%. And the WOF technology is used in 35 layers of 12 wells with high water-cut, which leads to a good result.

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