Expandable technology applied as a production string, facilitates increased fracturing, and improved conductivity, enhanced hydrocarbon production. A solid expendable system can provide an integral component in new wells and re-entry wells where low permeability reservoirs need isolation and separation for selective hydraulic fracturing or re-fracturing. This system can optimize the fracturing parameters by maintaining large diameters and providing seals for selective multi zone or zonal isolation purpose. Expandable systems provide an efficient means to isolate trouble zones and preserve hole size when well-bore tapering hinders completion. Expandables used to repair the casing have extended the life of these wells without compromising the necessary hole size.

Before swellable, inflatable packers with mechanical shifted sliding sleeves were used for isolation, as well as to provide a frac and then production flow path. These systems typically require multiple trips in and out of the well bore, and tie up both rig and frac equipment, adding to higher project economics. In the past few years, an assortment of single-trip, multiple-zone isolation completion systems (modified production packers coupled with ball-actuated farce sleeves) have been developed. The application of a solid expandable system realized another step in adding value and further bolstered project economics by unlimited number of zones or sections to be fraced because no sliding sleeves or incrementally sized balls are required.

This paper explains how solid expandable system with swellable technology can be helpful to facilitate multizonal isolation, first time fracturing and re-fracturing, multi zone fracturing, and large diameter production conduits. Integration and system development of this technology will also be discussed to illustrate the effectiveness of solid expandable system in cost effective way.

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