According to the geological characteristics of heavy oil reservoir in the western slope area of Daqing oilfield, the thermal production numerical simulation research was done, the parameters of steam soaking and steam flooding under different effective thickness were optimized, and also the production index of reasonable thermal production exploitation project was predicted. The results showed that when the effective thickness was 3m, the reasonable steam injection rate, steam injection strength, bottom steam dryness fraction and soak time were 120t / m, 100t / d, 50%, 5d in the phase of steam huff and puff. In the phase of steam flooding, reasonable steam injection strength, bottom steam dryness fraction, production factor and flooding conversion time were respective 390t / m • km2 • d, 50%, 1.4t / t, at the end of the fourth cycle. Seam stimulation field test started in the test area at the end of 2007, in the first cycle, the average single-well injected steam 841t, produced 222 days, produced fluid 398t, oil-producing 244t, oil/gas ratio 0.29, the development effect was basically consistent with predicted results.

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