The 1'st members of Yingcheng formation, lower Cretaceous in Xingcheng development area, Songliao Basin mainly have rhyolite gas reservoirs. The 1'st member of Yingcheng is belong to the low-porosity and low-permeable reservoir, the reservoir space are mainly fracture-pore. By the means of field out crops observation, core description, thin section analysis, well logging identification and the seismic forecasting, the fractures of 1'st member of Yingcheng volcanic reservoir was analyzed in three aspects: the genetic, the attitude and the width. The dominate fracture type of 1'st member of Yingcheng are the tectonic related fractures(78.5%), then the diagenetic related fractures(17.0%), corroded fractures(4.2%) are the last. The high angle fractures and the vertical fractures are most common in tectonic related fractures; the oblique fractures are the following. The dominate type of diagenetic related fractures are level fractures, followed by high angle and oblique fractures. The fractures in the reservoir were mainly wide fractures (width>1mm) and narrow fractures (0.1mm<width<1mm), the fractures of middle width are the minority. The distributions of the fractures were mainly controlled both by the regional stress field and the activity of the faults, the fractures are displayed by belts in coincident with the strike of the main faults.

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