Kela2 Gas Field is the main West-to-East gas transmission pipeline gas field with the feature of high geologic reserve, high well productivity, high reservoir pressure, high pressure coefficient, high structure angle and extremely thick reservoir and so on. Base on the main geologic features, has established the geological model fitting the gas reservoir. Through the further study of the geologic features and the development mechanism, has made the conclusions as follows: ①Because of the good quality of reservoir rocks, stress sensitivity has little impact on development effect. ②The static water body is about 5 times of hydrocarbon volume through geological evaluation, so the water drive energy is weak and has little effect on the field development. Thus the field can be developed in high recovery rate, and the reasonable recovery rate is around 4%. ③There is less interlayer interference between high and low permeability zones. Therefore, It is considered that commingled production should be taken for Kela2 gas field. Base on the conclusion, has builded up Kela2 gas field, which is the largest scale deliverability in China. The fundamental theory for Kela2's productivity evaluation and dynamic analysis is well applied to th the Dina and the Dabei gas field which is the similar abnormal high pressure character. Through the applicantion, has formed a systematic development techniques suitable for the submountain region with ultra deep and surpressure of Tarim basin.

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