MPD operations have been consistently performed in deep water well construction for +10 years. Some even may advocate it has become commonplace. The consideration of being a fully dominated technology can lead to a false sense of safety. Even though MPD techniques unlock unattainable scenarios, it must not be treated as an ordinary activity.

After a decade of MPD operations, a temporary team was established to analyze the contributing factors of past well safety and integrity occurrences. Unlike other investigations, the strategy adopted by the team was to conduct a broader and systemic analysis of the events.

The way which MPD technique is applied on the Brazilian pre-salt area was analyzed, initially mapping the criticality of the MPD operation and then the interrelationships from design and planning stage to the way construction stage of the wells was conducted. In addition to the analysis of operations, a series of interviews focused on human factors in MPD activities were conducted.

A diagnosis with critical aspects of MPD operations was elaborated and how they socially and systematically contribute to a higher probability in occurrences of incidents during MPD operations.

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