Wellbore integrity is very critical in oil and gas industry and needs to be maintained through the entire cycle of well's life. The most important item for well integrity is to set cement between two casings or between casing and formation. A good cement job provides isolation and protection for the well and a poor cement job can have cracks and allows corrosive fluids to migrate through micro channels.

Downhole casing repair is a common workover operations worldwide, especially in wells that have been producing over number of years. It is very challenging to control corrosive fluid migration which slowly corrodes casing and tubing over time. An innovative epoxy resin formulations has been developed and tested in the field to repair casing leaks which is extremely easy to handle and very economical. A cost-effective workover program can be developed and implemented depending on the severity of the leak.

The improved approach of using innovative resin can be used by mixing with cement blends to repair major casing damage and can also be used as standalone application to fix minor leaks. The system maintains extremely good rheological properties even when mixed with cement. The system has ability to withstand high differential pressure and is also resistant to acid, salts, hydrocarbons and most importantly various corrosive liquids. The precise application is determined by measuring the injectivity of the well. In the low injectivity wells, only epoxy resin solution will be spotted and repair the damaged casing. In the high injectivity wells, the chemical will be mixed with cement and completely seal the damaged zone. The chemical will enhance the mechanical properties of the cement and will be more resilient to extreme down-hole condition.

The paper will emphasize the added value and potential of the method in restoring the casing integrity. The paper will also discuss the laboratory test reports and application which will highlight effective and economical outcome.

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