This paper presents intelligent water control technology advancement and effectiveness that can control water influx, enhance oil recovery, and manage pressure in multi-layer reservoirs. The water control completion mechanism is explored, automatically identifying fluids according to physical properties such as viscosity and density. The innovative design of the inflow channel structure restricts water. Secondly, the device's performance and critical control tools are elaborated; the core tool of the technology is an intelligent water control screen; it can automatically adjust pressure drop, has no moving parts, has an integrated design, and can function throughout the entire life cycle of the oil well. Finally, the application cases in a whole oilfield block were introduced; the technology had been installed in more than 200 wells globally and, out of which five wells in Chad oilfield, a good application result was achieved, daily oil production increased more than 30% on average, daily water production decreased more than 35% on average. Until now, those five wells have remarkably affected water control and oil increase. A case is presented in which AICD has improved oil production, reduced water content, and controlled water breakthroughs. It has been applied in vertical, directional, and horizontal wells to EOR of oil and gas wells. Before this unique AICD installation, daily oil was 107bbl/d, and daily water was 992bbl/d, which heavily occupied surface water treatment. After the AICD, daily oil was 350bbl/d, and daily water was 52bbl/d. This AICD completion has optimized the water control solution and increased production. After the AICD's completion, daily oil production increased by 2.08 times on average, and daily treated water decreased by 92.8%. Up to Nov 2nd, 2023, cum increased oil is above 420,000 bbl, cum and water decrease is over 1,230,000 bbl. Production after AICD is still stable after 1500 days.

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