Value creation and cost reduction can be accomplished in many ways. Torque, drag, vibration, and Non-Productive time (NPT) all negatively impact total cost on drilling projects. Any efforts to create value by reducing these negative influences on a project’s metrics and overall cost are welcomed. Since most of those influences occur at the drill bit or BHA interface with the formation, that is one area where the focus on creating value and reducing cost occurs. Reamers, stabilizers, bits, gauge tools and hole opener tools are included in that technology focus area.

A new stabilizer reamer tool incorporating innovative technology has been introduced globally to address what existing conventional reamers and stabilizer reamers were failing to do with consistency across different formations. This tool’s primary focus is on wellbore stability and borehole quality. Additional benefits include controlling and reducing torque, drag, and vibration resulting in the biggest impact to reduction of NPT, days on well, casing point to casing point time, and consequently, total cost of a drilling project.

Ultimately, this paper details the design features and components of the new stabilizer reamer tool. Shaped TCI "donut" cutters, their patented placement structure, and fixed blade geometry, along with their design and placement work hand in hand to provide consistent positive metrics and increased value wherever applied. This paper also focuses on several tool applications around the world. Metrics were analysed and an optimized model of reamer placement in the BHA was generated. The case histories are presented where before/after data was analyzed, Lessons Learned registers were kept and moved from application to application, and subsequent design changes were proposed and incorporated.

The data show that managing torque, drag, and vibration while drilling using the new reamer tool, reduced the risk of stuck pipe, reduced trip times, increased borehole and caliper quality, and increased efficiencies for wireline, tubing, casing and liner, and completion runs. Consequently, the new reamer stabilizer tool definitively accomplished all value creation and NPT/cost reduction objectives in part due to the innovative cutter and blade shape, design, and placement.

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