This paper will detail the design and installation of two multilateral completions in the Granite Wash in the Texas Panhandle. The paper will discuss the operational aspects of the drilling programs, construction of the lateral junctions, fracture treatments of both laterals, and final realized production. Details on the completion equipment and techniques developed to meet the operational goals will also be covered.

Multilateral completions have strong economic potential in unconventional gas developments. Operators can save capital investment by accessing production from two laterals while drilling a single vertical wellbore. Greater drainage access across a section is also possible by using this technology.

The technical challenge of this project is to provide a 10,000-psi seal across the junction to selectively fracture both laterals, which requires a TAML level 4 junction. The commercial challenge is to provide this technology and install it so that economic benefits exceed those of drilling two separate wellbores. Details of how well both of these challenges were met will be discussed.

The subject wells of this paper were drilled and completed between February and September of 2008. The paper will document lessons learned, modifications needed, and relative operational success. These objectives will be presented from both the operator's and contractor's viewpoints.

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