The concept regarding aged assets is not about how old the assets are, it is the understanding and realization of the historical condition and how the asset has changed from installation, through operational time up to its present condition and its suitability for safe and effective operation.

Ageing assets are those which have had significant deterioration or damage that has taken place since installation / commissioning or where insufficient data is available to know the extent of its operational integrity.

Deterioration can be viewed as the visual appearance caused by environment, Breakdown of protective coating and loss of containment, through to the effects of metallurgical changes within the material and internal corrosion related issues

Assumptions can be reached that assets of a significant age automatically indicate there has been significant deterioration or damage that affects the integrity or operational usage. As such each concerned asset should be individually subjected to aged asset assessment that included understanding the factors that influence the degradation. It should be noted that the photographs included are general to the subject indicated and not referenced to one specific location.

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