While executing a workover operation, one of the wells in Dukhan oil field experienced a well control problem. Water, Oil and gas from underground started to flow to surface through the production tubing. The BOP shear rams where activated to stop the flow. During the attempts to bring the well under control, an uncontrolled flow of oil, water and gas with considerable H2S concentration occurred from the ground.

A relief well, which was the first relief well in the State of Qatar, was drilled to intersect the blowout well and stop the flow.

A considerable amount of engineering and planning was involved to bring the well under control, along with stringent operational and safety controls. The operation was implemented in a safe and professional manner in 46 days, and resulted in an effective and long-term isolation of the blowout well.

The objective of this paper is to discuss the blowout well, the relief well, and the intersecting and killing operation.

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