Flawless Turnaround© complements existing optimisation elements (such as: scope & schedule optimisation and Turnaround Assurance Reviews) and facilitates continuous Quality delivery improvement by bringing increased rigour and emphasis to both, the operations and maintenance function. It is a fully integrated and proactive method designed to reduce the occurrence of all potential turnaround flaws.

The main elements are:

  • Systemisation

    Systemisation is the process of breaking down the asset in smaller pieces. This process goes deeper than breaking down to a unit based approach, which is quite common in the industry. The unit will be cut in smaller pieces (systems). The systems will be identified prior to the event and all systems will become part of the integrated Turnaround schedule. System handover (from operations to maintenance and v.v.) will become part of the fully integrated schedule, that includes all activities; operations, maintenance execution and projects.

  • Flawlisting

    To help the organisation capture potential flaws that might take place during the execution of the Turnaround, a strict process will be put in place to try and prevent these flaws from happening. Specific Key success areas, e.g. Tightness and Cleanliness, will be identified prior to the event and focal points will be assigned for these areas. The focal points then take a leading role to identify and capture possible flaws and find mitigating actions to prevent these flaws.

  • Rigorous Quality Assurance Programme

    To ensure that the execution of the work has been done ‘right first time’ a comprehensive QA/QC process will be put in place. This process will be a joint activity, both by client as well as the contractor. Inspection and Test Plans (ITPs) will be developed with proper hold and witness points.

Flawless Turnaround© is a programme designed to help you achieve sustainable steady-state performance safely, quickly and within budget.

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