Cyclic steam EOR pilot project has been deployed in sandstone reservoir type, heavy oil field of Petroleum Development Oman, South Operation, and recently within August to October 2011 showing an interesting CO2 increase from 1% to the level of 25% mol in gas phase as phenomena. This paper discuss the implementation of Root Cause Analysis, developing steam core flood techniques to understand the increasing mechanism of CO2, and the proactive well surveillance will help to monitor accurately the increasing level and the impact. The impact of high CO2 to well and operation integrity also have been studied. The Low GOR (<25 scf/bbl) found to be a limitation of reservoir, while the heavy oil characteristics 14 API will limit a level increase from the well. The only possible CO2 increased are coming from a thermal evaporation mechanism of formation water and rock mineralogy. The basis simplified chemistry model have been developed as steam energy reaction, one mole of CO2 was produced for each mole of H2O injected at steam temperatures. From the detail mineralogy study found that the sandstone reservoir from the field containing Dolomite and Calcite. The surface CO2 found to be the total amount of evaporation from rock mineralogy, Calcite from formation water and from origin associate reservoir gas. And finally, the CO2 percentage increase in the surface will be less than 3 scf/bbl.

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