This paper will contains details of the following aspects of Qatar Shell GTL limited's implementation of process safety management.

The business case for Process Safety Management

The continuing incidence of major industrial accidents has driven the recognition that management of process safety requires a different approach from the management of occupational safety.

Process Safety in Design, ALARP Demonstration and the Design HSE Case

Process Safety Management begins with the design of facilities. The paper describes how Shell uses the Hazards and Effects Management Process to identify process safety hazards, assess their risks and manage them to be As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) at each stage of the Design of oil and gas facilities, and the formal record of this process in a Design HSE Case.

Process Safety Management in Operations – The Operations HSE Case

The paper will describe how the Operations HSE Case is used to continue the management of process safety in operations. The use of a Hazard Register to record the hazards present during operations and the selection of those hazards with high process safety risks. The use of Bowties to record threats that can lead to loss of containment or control and the barriers (either hardware or task related) used to prevent or recover from such loss. The link between the barriers and the operational activities required to maintain those barriers during the lifetime of a facility.

Instilling the right behaviours in Process Safety Management - Chronic Unease

Challenging the risk management of major accidents requires a retuned leadership mindset, so that leaders ask the right questions, and pick up on the weak signals of potential failure. The paper describes what Shell leaders are doing to improve awareness and focus on process safety.

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