The creation of an effective system of rescue support (the abbreviation ASO is adopted on the territory of the Russian Federation) in the implementation of the processes of oil and gas production and transportation in the Arctic seas of Russia is an urgent and difficult task. The feasibility of creating such a system for offshore oil and gas production facilities is due to the statistics of accidents and incidents at such facilities, as well as the fact that the Merchant Shipping Code of the Russian Federation, in essence, does not consider the applicability of the existing system of rescue operations on platforms that are exploring and developing mineral and other non-living resources the seabed and its bowels.

The successful solution of numerous problems of rescue support, including the requirements for the quality of the system, indicators and criteria for the effectiveness of the operations carried out, can be significantly increased by using mathematical models that make it possible to identify patterns in the processes of performing urgent work, improve the quality of planning, and, consequently, the efficiency of management of various organizational systems. Applied in many areas of activity, the scientific direction "research of operations" is advisable to use when system generation of rescue support within the framework of improving the system of technical regulation of oil and gas enterprises.

Determining the effectiveness of a purposeful process quantitatively will allow, on a scientific basis, with the involvement of modern mathematical methods, to solve the problem of increasing the effectiveness of the use of forces and means of the marine rescue support, including the functioning of the emergency support system in the mode of daily and emergency activities, as well as the preparation of the necessary forces and means.

The novelty of the presented work lies in the application of the provisions of the theory and the apparatus of operations research to assessing the effectiveness of the system of the marine rescue support, which will further serve as a methodological basis for the development of a number of documents and provisions that are of practical importance: methods, requirements for the system of rescue support, documents in the field of control over the rescue system, etc.

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