The main goal of this work is to evaluate and select the best strategy for the development of the field in the first stage of development. To solve this problem, a full-scale integrated model was created that takes into account the physics of the reservoir, wells and surface infrastructure, as well as their mutual influence. The integrated model was calculated for the full development of the asset.

The integrated model of the A. Zhagrin field is based on three simulation models, well models and surface infrastructure, which are linked through an integrator program. All constituent parts of the model are configured to accurately reproduce their actual operation.

Greenfield is characterized as active drilling, so the planned well count is modeled by replacing wells with "typical" well models, which are selected by taking into account the expected input flow rate, well design, well completion and well trajectory. Fields of the first stage of development are characterized by limitations related to oil transportation and treatment. These constraints are also specified and taken into account in the model

The concept of surface infrastructure is formed depending on the potential production capabilities of the reservoir and has considerable variability.

The total number of actual and planned wells in the field is more than 1,300, including more than 700 production wells and about 600 injection wells. All wells are ESP lifted.

Considering infrastructure capacity constraints and requirements for optimal pipeline utilization, the use of different numbers of drilling rigs directly affecting the utilization of oil treatment and delivery facilities was evaluated.

29 main variations of the field development strategy until 2060 were formed and calculated, based on the integrated model. The main parameters of variation were the capacity of preparation facilities, the degree of oil separation, the scheme of product transportation, gas utilization capabilities, drilling rigs and subsurface equipment. All scenarios in the integrated model took into account constraints - on target bottomhole, wellhead and line pressures, in order to operate real facilities in accident-free mode.

In the course of calculations, an optimal scenario was selected, which made it possible to increase oil production in 2021 by optimizing the transportation of produced products to the treatment facilities. This scenario formed the basis of the asset development strategy.

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