Energy sustainability is heavily dependent on sustainability of hydrocarbon production that in turn depends on maximizing the recovery and sweep efficiency. The natural energy supporting hydrocarbon production is facilitated by the dominant reservoir drive mechanism. Maintaining this energy drive at optimum level, calls for a continuous injectivity improvement and uniform distribution of injection. This could be achieved by drilling and stimulating extended reach horizontal injectors.Utilizing Drill Pipe (DP) for stimulating the extended reach interval proved to be ineffective and costly.Stimulation using Coiled Tubing (CT) is effective and less in cost; however, reaching the target depth is a challenge.

A new best practice, utilizing a combination of CT tractor and friction reducer agents, enabled the CT to reach the target depth and the stimulation fluid to cover the whole horizontal injection interval. This achievement was a result of proper production engineering planning and several meetings and technical discussions with the service provider.

Preparing the young professionals for the future is an important part of energy sustainability. Young professionals were involved in these activities to develop their skills and capability and get them ready for the future.

A new record of 9,448 ft were achieved which is the longest in Saudi Aramco history.

The application of this combination of techniques could be used in the future to avoid the expensive alternative of stimulation using DP while the rig is on location and to provide better post injectivity performance since it is proved so.

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