A new Logging-While-Drilling tool has been developed, using innovative technology to provide simultaneous formation evaluation and drilling-related measurements. Using only a single short collar, the tool delivers an industry standard suite of formation evaluation measurements equivalent to the classic triple combo service, but co-located and closer to the bit. In addition, the same tool brings a wide variety of measurements which are completely new to the world of logging while drilling. This approach makes it possible, for the first time, to deliver in real time at the wellsite a completely self-contained and very comprehensive interpretation of both the formation properties and the drilling environment.

The new measurements delivered by this service include formation capture cross section (Sigma and elemental analysis from neutron capture spectroscopy which is used to compute mineralogy. Azimuthal measurements are also available, allowing the formation and borehole to be imaged using a variety of properties. The result is a robust and complete interpretation with significantly reduced uncertainty.

In addition, a key focus during the development of the tool has been improvement in service delivery. This has been achieved through factors such as increased operational efficiency, higher ROP capability, significantly improved reliability throughout the system, and greater ease of maintenance. The use of a non-chemical radioactive source also dramatically reduces the operational risks normally involved with the use of traditional logging while drilling tools.

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