Pipeline and cable routes are becoming ever complex with routes being chosen in increasingly remote and technically demanding areas. Clients now demand greater information and analysis from the surveys and interpretations.

By utilizing a range of leading edge equipment, greater information can be obtained, visualized and analysed than ever before. These case studies are presented, indicating how such technology has been employed to provide the client with a greater understanding of complex engineering projects, and what additional technology could have been utilized to further enhance the project.

Examples of data, systems and project management used on two major poperoutes and one major cable route are presented, swath bathymetry (ISIS), 3D visualization (Fledermaus), cone pentrometer testing (SAGE Miniature CPT), GIS databases (InfoXProfessional), and the use of pipeline stress analysis, upheaval buckling and rock dump optimization software (SAGE profile) are all examined.


Sage have recently been involved in three complex and integrated projects which have highlighted the usefulness of new techniques and systems.

  • Integrated pipeline and platform survey, Asia

  • Burial assessment survey, Europe to Asia

  • Upheaval bucking and rock dump optimization, North Sea

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