Various trials have been conducted by Arrow Energy in the Surat Basin focusing on different aspects of deviated wells drilling, completion and artificial lift. Lessons have been learnt from each of these trials, and have been incorporated to produce the current standard deviated well design. Observations through the early production period of current deviated wells indicates that the wells can be produced from successfully with acceptable Mean Time To Failure (MTBF) of the artificial lift system if execution goes to plan and all KPIs are met. Successful demonstration of deviated wells producibility and low MTBF can open the doors to multi-well pads and bring efficiency in operations while reducing the surface footprint of CSG (Coal Seam Gas) operations (by mimicking vertical wells spacing through drilling deviated wells from a multi well pad). This paper focusses on the improvements made in design and execution of deviated wells to achieve the artificial lift run life target for these wells.

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