With today's current technologies it is possible to answer the question, "What is my most profitable mode of operation for the next few hours, for the rest of today, tomorrow and beyond?"

With ‘lower for longer’ oil prices the need for enterprise wide optimization in the upstream and midstream oil & gas industry is greater than ever.

The terms Digital Oil Field / Digital Gas Field / Digital Twin are being utilized to extol the virtue and value of big data analytics, model based asset optimization and supply chain optimization. These provide optimization solutions in ways not previously possible with multiple unintegrated systems, processes and procedures.

Ad-hoc deployment of applications across multiple sites become difficult to integrate horizontally for management of safe and optimized operations and vertically up to Business ERP (enterprise resource planning) level to give useful and timely business insights.

With careful planning coupled with deep OT (operations / operational technology) and process knowledge, an integrated enterprise wide supply chain and asset operations and management system can unlock significant hidden value. This is enabled by the correct and efficient integration of many systems and the efficient collection, management and use of huge amounts of data.

As the industry needs to ‘do more with less’ getting this integration right to enable the desired outcomes and functionality is critical.

This paper summarizes the current state of the art solutions, with examples, that enable optimized CSG/CBM (coal seam gas / coal bed methane) wells to LNG (liquified natural gas) plant process, asset and business management to deliver this functionality and these desired outcomes. Although applicable for all upstream to LNG supply chains this paper focuses on the unconventional CSG/CBM to LNG supply chain which has some specific issues not generally found in the conventional oil & gas supply chain.

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