The performance requirements, corresponding indexes and laboratory evaluation methods of corrosion inhibitors have a direct impact on the selection of corrosion inhibitors. The performance requirements of corrosion inhibitor for natural gas gathering and transportation pipelines can be summarized into two aspects: corrosion inhibition and usability performance. Corrosion inhibition includes inhibition performance in aqueous phase and in TOL. Usability include compatibility, stability, pouring point, emulsifying tendency, etc. Based on the some different types of gas fields requirements, the performance requirements and corresponding indexes of corrosion inhibitors for wet gas gathering and transportation pipeline are analyzed, and the corresponding performance indicators of corrosion inhibitors for different types of gas fields are proposed. Finally, the commonly applied laboratory evaluation methods in current active standards have been analyzed and summarized, and verified.


At present, with the increasing in demand for natural gas, all gas production companies are increasing their efforts in natural gas exploration and development. Corrosion is one of the problems during the wet gas transporting, and this can be solved by adding corrosion inhibitor (CI) in most case. However, there are no standards for the CIs performance used in gas gathering and transportation pipelines, which may lead to some gaps between the R & D scientists and the needs of corrosion inhibitor users. Based on the demand of some gas production companies for the CIs, this paper puts forward the performance requirements and corresponding indexes of CIs for natural gas gathering and transportation system, and given some advice on the evaluation method.

The Performance Requirements of CI used In Gas Gathering And Transportation Pipelines

Tender Information Requirements Examples of Some Gas Fields

Gas production companies, as the natural gas producers, are the direct users of corrosion inhibitors during natural gas development and production, and thus can get the first-hand data after the application of corrosion inhibitors. Therefore, collection of the requirements for corrosion inhibitor properties from the gas production companies is of great guiding significance for specifying the targeted performance requirements of corrosion inhibitors.

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