Carbon capture and storage (CCS), as the process that separates CO2 emitted by industry and energy-related sources, transports it to a storage site and isolates it from the atmosphere over the long term, is an alternative for stabilizing atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases. The selection of the capture-storage site is a complex and multiparametric task that requires handling a large number of variables on the natural environment, infrastructure and repercussions on the environment, among other parameters. Taking into account that the number of capture and storage sites from where could collect experiences for discarding or ratifying hypotheses, still minimal. In this research, a fuzzy expert system (FES) that helps in the qualification of the susceptibility of a geographical context for the development of a CSS project is presented, based on preliminary information on the state of the emission, the availability of infrastructure for transport, the tectonic environment, the specific qualities of the geological formations involved, the geothermal and pressure conditions, as well as the hydrodynamics of the system. The proposed FES extracts the experiences of experts on the subject who have rated environments and prioritized their effectiveness in CSS and translates it into clear rules that conclude on a rating for each site.

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